Areas of practice
Areas of practice
Financial services and products

We assist financial intermediaries, including insurance companies, in developing and designing their services and products, including e.g., innovative portfolio management/investment advice services, investment funds, securitization programs, managed accounts, unit-linked insurance products, margin lending programs, and financial planning/engineering advices. In the design of these services and products, we are regularly asked to propose a way to achieve tax optimization for investors and/or to broaden, from a regulatory perspective, the potential distribution market for such products and services. Over the last years, the firm has also been actively involved in all legal aspects of electronic finance, and has always counted the leaders in the internet brokerage and banking sector among its most important clients.

The firm has also a strong practice in organizing the distribution of these products and services (whether retail, HNWI, or institutional), often where such products and services are constituted or provided abroad. In that respect, we also regularly advise on public offerings of securities and we assist clients in obtaining their registration with the authorities.

In addition to these two mainstream practices, we also advise banks in their classical credit business, including the taking on of security interests. The firm has expertise in dealing with security interest constituted on assets held by Euroclear in Belgium .