The firm warmly welcomes applications from junior or senior lawyers.

Because of our small size, our recruitment is limited, but we are always looking for talented lawyers willing to contemplate a career with the firm.

We are looking for lawyers with outstanding academic credentials and linguistic skills. All lawyers in the firm must have a perfect professional command of at least one language other than their native tongue. A few years of experience with another premier business law firm is of course an asset, especially if the experience was gained in banking and finance or corporate matters. We also value hard working, committed and enthusiast personalities. In other words, we hire only lawyers whom we feel from the outset can become partners. The firm is indeed a truly open partnership.

We offer a genuine training, with a level of interaction with partners that is unparalleled in bigger firms. The volume of work is kept within reasonable limits so that everyone can devote time to his training and permanent legal education, in line with the specialization objective of the firm.

The remuneration package is of course consistent with market practice and commensurate with our demanding standards.

Although everyone in the firm is expected to work hard and seriously, and above all, to be available in order to deliver a fast and responsive service to the clients, the firm believes in the virtues of balance in life. Every organized and mature lawyer in the firm therefore still enjoys sufficient time for his private life and to pursue other activities. We even encourage this as a token of professional happiness and intellectual acuity.