Presentation of the Firm

Created in January 2003, Delwaide Avocats Advocaten is a law firm offering services primarily in corporate, banking and finance matters. Our specialization is a key characteristic and objective of the firm. In our view, this warrants a swift and accurate understanding of clients' needs, and a solution-oriented legal service.

We are a small “boutique” firm, and we deliberately maintain a high partners to associates ratio. Matters undertaken by the firm are thus afforded the direct personal attention and continued hands-on involvement of partners. This avoids over-staffing and enhances efficiency. This is essential for our strategy to build long-term and close relationships with our clients. We indeed aim at acting for them as true counsel assisting in business decisions, rather than as providers of legal information.

The firm worships sobriety and discretion. We do not seek any particular growth or market visibility. Our goal is instead simply to provide quality legal services to make clients happy. Our bet is that hearsay will do enough for the sustainable development of the firm.

We practice in French, Dutch and English.